Shampoo car washing. A coating vehicle uses neutral detergent for exclusive use. Other cars also wash a car with weak alkaline detergent. Moisture of the circumference of a bonnet is a powerful enemy of a car. It wipes off finely. The waterdrop of the circumference of a door is a powerful enemy. It wipes off finely.
The suitcase circumference is also wiped off finely. A windshield is also wiped off finely. It goes out, and waterdrop and dirt are also in the circumference of a door, and it wipes it off.
Tire foil attaches detergent and washes it out finely. Tire wax is coated according to water and oiliness, and a tire. It is failed finely to also wipe the wheel nut circumference and brake dust.
Only a driver’s seat keeps it during vehicle storage, covering it. A step covers with and keeps a mat. The completion of work! Carrying out 30 minutes before [ delivery of cars ] vehicles check, preparation of delivery by a visitor is completion.

Cosmo Parking provides you the Ultimate Car Wash Experience!
We use professional car wash tools and equipment. Experience the ultimate car wash by professionals! You will see how we are different.
Brightness of best quality car.
If car washing and wax are performed, a car becomes beautiful and, naturally it shines. Our shop aims at the completeness of the point further.
Up to a mat or the portion which is not visible
We provides the finest full-service including cleaning and maintaining your car.
Persistent dirt is also cleaned.
If it is the Cosmo parking, I clean as it stops also worrying it.
It becomes beautiful and natural. It is made more beautiful than it.
Even if appearance becomes beautiful, if there is a problem in an inside, naturally it will be a problem. Please also leave the standard maintenance of an oil change etc.
Let’s get relief by maintenance.
The maintenance of our shop which reaches to the part which is not a foregone conclusion. Since it is a place to which a hand is not applied usually, the work of our shop obtains relief.